Libya: Humanitarian Access Snapshot (February 2021)

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February saw a decrease in access constraints by nearly 33%. In a continuing trend that dates back to March 2020, bureaucratic restrictions impeding movement of humanitarian agencies, personnel and goods make up the bulk of reported constraints.

During the month, an armed group confiscated humanitarian aid by force from people in need. This act of violence is a violation of International Humanitarian Law. The safety and security of civilians in need as well as humanitarian relief personnel are an indispensable condition for the delivery of humanitarian relief.

Limited operational presence of humanitarian actors also continues to hurdle humanitarian’s ability to reach those in need. Last year, humanitarian partners from each sector were only able to respond to an average of 16 mantikas out of the 22 targeted in the HRP. Furthermore, major disparities in response efforts across municipalities continue to exist, highlighting the need to expand the humanitarian footprint in difficult-to-reach areas.

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