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Libya: Health Sector Bulletin (May 2020)

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The security situation in Libya witnessed a significant change in dynamics and tempo of the armed groups in terms of territorial gains or losses and “associated with the sustained use of new military hardware, sophisticated Air Defence Systems (ADS) and infiltration of foreign fighters/mercenaries across the borders. Determinedly, increasing civilian casualties, properties destruction and civilian displacement.”

A total of 20 attacks on health care were registered in Libya during 1 January – 31 May 2020.

2 May, WHO urges the health authorities in Libya to remain vigilant in the face of the serious health threat posed by COVID-19 in the country.

10 May, Armed group opened fire inside the intensive care unit in Al-Jalla hospital in Benghazi. Indiscriminate shooting. Panic between health workers. Doctors and nurses were assaulted. Medical equipment in ICU ward was damaged, including 7 respirators, monitors, ultrasound machine and other life-saving devices. Transferring all urgent cases to Benghazi Medical Center.

10 May, WHO delivers essential health supplies to Tarhouna, Libya, where 200 000 remain trapped due to ongoing hostilities

13 May, A joint statement (OCHA, UNHCR, UNICEF, UNFPA, WFP, WHO, IOM) on Libya: Conflict and the COVID-19 pandemic present a significant threat to life in Libya

14 May, As a result of continuous military activities around Tripoli city, the building (dermatology department, ENT department) of the Tripoli central hospital was hit by shrapnel of the ongoing shelling of the area close and around the hospital. The hospital is one of the city's main and largest health facilities, including the oldest trauma center.
The shelling caused infrastructural damage to few hospital’ buildings. No casualties were reported.

18 May, Joint WHO/UNICEF press release, Over quarter of a million children in Libya are at risk from vaccine-preventable diseases,

22 May, Clashes between two armed groups reportedly took a place inside Albrayga hospital in Ejdabia district.
Indiscriminate shooting took place inside the hospital. As a result, one hospital staff, and two patients were reported injured. A woman broke her leg while she tried to escape through the hospital windows. The director of the hospital was assaulted. A separate flash update was issued.

25 May, The United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) is extremely concerned about reports that residents of the Ain Zara and Salahuddin areas of Tripoli have been killed or wounded by Improvised Explosive Devices placed in/near their homes.

28 May, IOM statement, IOM Deplores Killing of 30 Trafficked Migrants in Libya,

28 May, a doctor working with Tajoura field hospital (affiliated to the Field Medicine and Support Center (FMSC) was killed as result of the shelling targeting the area.

29 May, Statement by Yacoub El Hillo, Humanitarian Coordinator for Libya, on the killing of migrants southwest of Tripoli.