Libya: Health Sector Bulletin (March 2020)

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• Health sector does not have service delivery coverage in the following districts: Nalut, Sirt, Tobruk, and Ubari.

• There are only 40 PHC facilities which were assisted with no support in the following districts: Al Jabal Al Akhdar, Aljufra, Almarj, Azzawiya, Derna, Murzug, Nalut, Sebha, Sirt, Tobruk, Wadi Ashshati and Zwara.

• Situation with support of secondary health facilities is of concern as only 13 hospitals received assistance in Al Jabal Al Gharbi, Aljufra, Almargeb, Azzawiya, Ejdabia, Misrata, Wadia Ashshati and Zwara.

• Health sector does not reach any public health facilities (PHC centers and hospitals) with different types of support (services and supplies) in Al Jabal Al Akhdar, Almarj, Derna, Murzug, Nalut, Sebha, Sirt, and Tobruk).

• Most of health sector assistance was provided in 37 (37%) of 100 municipalities.

• 14 (38%) of 29 reached municipalities were ranked as higher than 3 severity scale.

• 8 confirmed cases of COVID-19 are reported in Libya. Until present, a total of 120 cases were tested for COVID-19 with 125 people on quarantine.

• Absence of holistic response to COVID-19.

• Limited funding of health sector.