Libya: Health Sector Bulletin (July 2022)


Emergency type: Complex Emergency Reporting period: 01.07.2022 to 31.07.2022


  • Health Sector Operational Response for March 2022 has been published. 4W health sector, June 2022 | HumanitarianResponse

  • The health sector operational response report was based on the 4Ws data for June 2022. Thirteen health partners reported to 4Ws in June, including IOM, WHO, UNHCR, IRC, IMC, PUI, TdH, Helpcode,
    CEFA and MSF Holland. Microsoft Power BI

  • Epidemiological bulletin published COVID-19 EPI Weekly Libya 07 Aug 2022 | HumanitarianResponse

  • Access update: An increase of almost 50 per cent in access constraints affecting humanitarian partners in Libya was reported during the month of May. Restrictions of movement of agencies, personnel, or goods into Libya increased from 7 to 13, mostly due to INGO visas expiring and an unclarity in the renewal process and timing. Libya: Humanitarian Access Snapshot (May 2022) - Libya | ReliefWeb