Libya: Health Sector Bulletin (August 2021)



• Dr Haider El Saeh was appointed as a new Director-General of NCDC.

• The Minister of Health has been visiting various health facilities in the Western Mountains’ area, Benghazi,
Tripoli, Misrata, Tarhouna.

• The Ministry addresses the needs of availability of medical oxygen across the country.

• The Minister holds meetings with key hospital managers in Tripoli.

• The Minister met with the Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey.

• The MoH team visited Tunisia to discuss cross-border cooperation and opening of borders.

• The MoH signed an MoU on enhancement of assistance for oncology patients with a group of French specialists.

• The Minister of Health visited Turkey where conducted a series of meetings with Turkish health officials, being familiarized with the work of key Turkish hospitals.

• The Italian Embassy in Tripoli announced that it has delivered medical equipment and a power generator to several Libyan hospitals. First batch of medical machinery had been delivered to Surman, Sabratha and Murzuq local hospitals while a 500 KW power generator had been delivered to the Ibn Sina hospital in Sirte.