Libya: Health Sector Bulletin #4 (April 2022)


Emergency type: Complex Emergency Reporting period: 01.04.2022 to 30.04.2022


  • National Health Sector Meeting held by International Cooperation Office on April 21 with WHO and health partners to discuss health priorities and improve coordination efforts with international health partners.

  • Health Sector Operational Response for March 2022 has been published. 4W health sector, March 2022 |

  • Health Sector Partners Directory was updated. Health Sector Contact List (updated 20 April 2022) |

  • The health sector operational response report was based on the 4Ws data for March 2022. Thirteen health partners reported to 4Ws in February, including UNICEF, IOM, UNFPA, WHO, UNHCR, IRC, IMC, PUI, HI, TdH, Helpcode, and LRC. Health Sector Operational Response Libya Dashboard

  • Access update: The month of March has seen a 22 per cent reduction in the number of access constraints reported by partners since February. Access Snapshot _New_15March2022 (

  • Produced Health Sector Mid-Month Operational Update Bi-weekly operational update 1-15 April 2022

  • IPC Working Group in Health Sector published the quarterly IPC bulletin for Health Sector Partners in Libya Infection prevention and control bulletin IPC Jan-March 2022 | HumanitarianResponse

  • Libya — IDP and Returnee Report 40 (December 2021 - January 2022) [Arabic] | DTM (

  • Libya — Detention Centre Profile Generator (March 2022) | DTM (


  • March April reported a marked decline in case incidence, deaths, and lab testing capacity. At the national level, transmission classification for Libya remained a moderate incidence of community transmission (CT2) with Alpha, Beta, Delta, and Omicron Variants of Concern (VOC) circulation at the reporting week 16, based on high weekly test positivity rates due to limited lab testing, with a 2.2% weekly test positivity rate and less than 1 case/ 100,000 population/week.

  • Moreover, Libya had a limited lab testing capacity at the national level, with 22 persons tested/100,000 population/per week. The overall number of new cases reported in April shows a 95% decrease (347 cases) from the last four weeks. In April, the number of new deaths (22) decreased by 85% compared to the last four weeks. Compared to the last four weeks, there was an 83% decrease in overall national testing.

  • As of 30 April 2022, a total of a cumulative 8,950,720 vaccine doses (all sources) were received in the country, of which 4 million (46%) were estimated to be utilized (wastage adjusted). Available vaccine stock is estimated to be 4 million doses. Vaccines currently in use are Sinopharm with a shelf life till July 2023, Pfizer with an expiry date in July 2022 and AstraZeneca expire in May 2022. Total administrated doses during the last 2 weeks are 6,000. Average Last 2 weeks daily vaccination rate dropped below 500 administrated doses per day. Low vaccination activities were observed during the month of Ramadan

  • As of 30 April 2022, 1,067,343 (15.3 %) of the population received the 1st dose (partially vaccinated), while 1,152,203 (16.5 %) received the 2nd dose (fully vaccinated). 98,612 (1.4 %) is the number of people who have received booster doses. The proportion of people who have received at least one dose of 2 doses vaccine regimen is 31.8% (2,220,233)