Libya: Flash News - Benghazi Port and Airport Status - 4 April 2011

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Benghazi Port Status

Based on WFP interviews with Benghazi port authorities in Benghazi on 3 April 2011: There was no damage to the port during the recent fighting. All infrastructure and equipment is as it was prior to the fighting. The maximum draft is 10m. The port authorities would prefer vessels with a draft of 7-8 metres, but can accommodate 10m. One heavy lift crane, 2 fixed cranes, and 2 smaller cranes were observed. Procedures at the port have been relaxed. Humanitarian organisations wishing to bring in special cargo such as armoured cars, personal protection equipment, etc, just need a letter from the Transitional National Council authorising the import. A re-fuelling vessel operates at the port. The vessel has a capacity of 3,000 mt of fuel. Currently it is estimated to have 1,200 mt of diesel, and 1,500 mt of heavy oil. Summary: Port is fully operational

Benghazi International Airport Status

Based on WFP interviews with Benghazi airport authorities in Benghazi on 3 April 2011: The runway measures 3,600m and has sustained no damage. A physical assessment of the runway confirmed the same. The civilian radar is reported to be operational. Military radar has been turned off. It is an international airport. Cargo handling facilities are available as well as storage. According to airport authorities, a Boeing 747 can land at the airport. Summary: Airport is fully operational.

In light of the above, there seems to be no reason not to bring mission support cargo direct to Benghazi. Humanitarian aid may still require transport ex surrounding countries if purchased /sourced regionally.

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