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In the Nafusa Mountains, fighting near the town of Zintan continues and indiscriminate shelling by Gaddafi forces is terrorizing the civilians that still remain in Zintan and Nalut. More than 60 Grad missiles landed in Zintan with 3 close to the hospital. The electricity in the town has also been cut. Attacks on Nalut also continue, with Grad rockets. NATO planes reportedly hit Gaddafi forces positions in Tiji and Takut.

Heavy shelling continues for the second consecutive day on Yefren and Al-Qala’a.

Despite the situation of unrest in the Choucha camp, International Medical Corps’ Ra’s Ajdir health post has re-opened to provide medical care to refugees and migrants. The team has confirmed that the riots two days ago only partially demolished the Choucha camp, and did not destroy the UAE camp.

In the Wazin-Dehibat border area, fighting still continues, with Gaddafi troops vying to regain control of the border port from rebel forces.

NATO reports indicate that Gaddafi forces have laid mines around Misurata to obstruct any potential rebel advancement. The city is still surrounded on three sides by government forces and the battle for Misurata continues on the western outskirts, with daily casualties.

In Zliten, reports indicate that rebels and NATO forces are increasing pressure on Gaddafi forces surrounding the city.

The commander of NATO's operations in Libya, Lieutenant-General Charles Bouchard said Friday that French and British helicopters will participate in the battles in Libya.