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Western Mountain region, over 50 Grad missiles fired by Gaddafi forces are reported to have landed in Zintan today. Shelling and rockets attacks occurred on the outskirts of Nalut, with none hitting the town. There are unconfirmed reports that Gaddafi forces may have poisoned the wells which provide water to Nalut. Meanwhile, it is also reported that anti-government forces today attacked the Gaddafi force near the town of Takut. In the evening, heavy shelling on the road between Wazin and the border was reported, coming from the Al Ghezala direction. Unconfirmed reports indicate that up to 200 Gaddafi force operated vehicles are on standby and are waiting to attack the border. NATO reportedly bombed and destroyed the two helicopters that were recently moved into the area by Gaddafi forces.

In the east, NATO reportedly launched air strikes on Gaddafi forces in the oil town of Brega. In Tripoli, it is reported that government sources are claiming that NATO strikes occurred in Al-Heera, south-west of Tripoli, inflicting civilian casualties.

In Kufra, in south-eastern Libya, fighting too place with rebel forces have reportedly recaptured the city.

The IOM vessel carrying evacuees from Misurata safely docked in Benghazi today. An International Medical Corps medical team was providing medical care onboard, and upon docking, International Medical Corps Benghazi-based team provided medical care and organized transportation to local health facilities.