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International Medical Corps assisted medical evacuations from Misurata on the IOM operated ship.

In Misurata, following the discovery of sea mines on April 30 and temporary closure of the port, a drifting sea mine again blocked access to the port today, preventing the delivery of humanitarian supplies and evacuations of migrant workers and wounded Libyans. The Australian Government funded sixth IOM evacuation boat is waiting offshore for access to Misurata.

Overnight clashes in Misurata are reported to have killed six people and heavy attacks by Gaddafi forces continued in the city today with heavy shelling, rocket attacks and tank bombings of the western part of Misurata from Zwea to Bazina. Heavy fighting was also reported near the airport, as anti-government forces tried to gain control of the Misurata airport. The port was also attacked by Grad missiles.

Following the rebel forces regaining of the Wazin border post on April 29, the flow of Libyan refugees into Tunisia through this area has recommenced. 4,568 people crossed through the Dehibat border point on April 30 and more than 35,000 Libyans have now officially crossed via this entry point, with many illegal entries also reported. UNHCR reports that the majority cross through unofficial routes around Dehibat area and upon entry into Tunisia they get their documents stamped in order to legalize their stay.

On April 30, 12 Grad missiles are reported to have landed on the Tunisian side of the border near Dehibat, however no casualties were reported as a result of this incident. The Tunisian military has now dug trenches 500 metres from the border to stop any further incursions by pro-Gaddafi forces across the border.

Zintan was hit by up to 30 missiles/projectiles overnight on Saturday night. NATO forces are reported to have responded Sunday night by launching airstrikes on government forces positions destroying 10-12 tanks and vehicles. No shelling has since been reported.

In Ajdabiya, attacks and counter-attacks are reported to continue, without any changes in ground positions.

According to a government spokesperson, a NATO strike on April 30 killed Muammar Gaddafi’s youngest son, Saif al-Arab Gaddafi and three of his grandchildren. Reportedly, the Libyan leader was also in the building at the time, but was unharmed. Following these reports, unrest broke out in Tripoli with the British and Italian embassies and the US commercial and consular affairs department damaged. UN international staff have temporarily departed the capital and are now in Tunisia. Today, it is also reported that the UNHCR building was looted by armed pro-government attackers. Gunmen accidently killed one of their own in the shooting and wounded four; however no staff were harmed in this incident. A number of vehicle and the guardhouse were destroyed in the attack.