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In Misurata, it is reported that seven dead and four injured rebel fighters were received by the hospital after Gaddafi forces attacked a rebel checkpoint with artillery fire and rockets. However, in the contested area of Tripoli Street, rebel forces are making gains.

Doctors in Misurata report that the situation is critical, with many dead and wounded daily, due to constant shelling and bombing.

The Australian Government funded fifth IOM boat, evacuated 1,091 people from Misurata. The “Red Star One” vessel later arrived in Benghazi, where International Medical Corps provided medical support upon arrival. Most of the passengers were from Niger, however a small number of refugees from Sudan, Egypt and Tunisia as well as Libyan medical cases and accompanying family members were aboard the vessel. The sixth evacuation is scheduled to depart Benghazi tomorrow.

Pro-Gaddafi forces have taken the Dehibat-Wazin border post and the towns of Wazin and Al Ghazaya. As a result, opposition forces retreated into Tunisia and Gaddafi troops followed them over the border, with 25 vehicles travelling into Dehibat that were firing randomly. In response, the Tunisian military sent reinforcements to the border prompting Gaddafi troops to turn back. International Medical Corps staff were in Dehibat at time, but were unharmed in this incident.

Nalut is also under attack, with grad missiles being fired into the town. The water tower, which is location 300 meters from the hospital has been hit.

Al Jazeera also reports heavy clashes between rebels and Gaddafi forces in the remote Kufra basin in Libya's remote southeast.