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Pro-Gaddafi attacks on the port area of Misurata yesterday prevented ships from docking to deliver humanitarian supplies and evacuate the wounded. The IOM boat was today able to dock, despite continuous shelling, and pick up evacuees. It is reported that NATO airstrikes, which destroyed a reported 37 military vehicles, assisted the retreat of Gaddafi forces from the port area. The shelling caused widespread destruction in the port area.

Gaddafi forces are reported to have carried out heavy bombardment using mortars in the Abu Rouia area in the west of the city today. Previously bombardments by Gaddafi forces have been focused in areas in the east of the city close to the port. The city remains besieged to the east, south and west, with the only access by sea. The damaged airport, is reported to be in the hands of Gaddafi forces.

In the western Libyan town of Zintan, Gaddafi forces today fired Grad rockets into the town center. Five houses were reportedly destroyed, with some minor injuries, but no deaths. There are also unconfirmed reports that the hospital was hit by a rocket and that the post office was destroyed.

There are unconfirmed reports that pro-Gaddafi forces today took back the town of Al Ghazzayi, with the intent of taking back the Wazzin border area. They passed 4 km south of the town, but were blocked by rebels and retreated. Reports also indicate that civilians in Al Ghazzayi have been instructed by rebels to leave the area, as a counter attack is planned. Thus, many families fled through the Tunisia border today.

IOM reports African migrants fleeing from the conflict in Libya into northern Niger and Chad require urgent help. These numbers are reported in the tens of thousands, with no infrastructure to manage the influx into the small border towns.