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The Misurata port was today attacked by Gaddafi forces from the eastern side with heavy fighting including bombings and shelling. Rebel forces managed to hold control of the port area and pushed the Gaddafi forces away from the port. However, during the fighting, the migrant worker camp was hit, with at least two killed and 20 injured. The IOM boat, carrying supplies and personnel was due to dock this afternoon. However, due to the continuous shelling of the port, the docking has been delayed till tomorrow morning. International Medical Corps has doctors and nurses on board the boat.

Food supply in Misurata are now said to be sufficient following the delivery of 500 metric tonnes of food assistance by the WFP boat on Saturday. The ship delivered 350 metric tonnes of wheat flour (enough to feed 23,000 people for one month), 150 metric tonnes of mixed food including pasta, rice, potatoes, 84 metric tonnes of bottled water as well as medicines and three ambulances.

Heavy bombardment of Nalut was reported today, with three rebel fighters killed. Following NATO airstrikes, rebel forces are reported to have gained ground against Gaddafi forces. Since April 25th, 3000 Libyans fled the violence in the Western Mountains and crossed into Tunisia.