Libya COVID-19 Surveillance Weekly Bulletin: Epidemiological Week 25 (21 - 27 June)

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• 24 COVID-19 labs (out of 32) reported 21,125 new lab tests done for Epi-week 25. Thus, out of the total 1,132,346 tests in Libya since the beginning of the response, 192,786 (17%) were confirmed positive for SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19).

• Compared to Epi-week 24, there was a 1% decrease in overall national testing: by regions, West (1% increase),
South (17% decrease) and East (71% decrease). 98.2% (20,756) of national testing was performed in the West as compared to both East (103) and South (266) Regions. (-see fig. 1)

• The national positivity rate for Epi-week 25 remained at 8.3%, which mainly represents the West with a positivity rate of 7.8%. It cannot be generalized based on a much higher positivity rate in the East (38.8%) and South (30.4%) than the national-level positivity rate. Due to low lab testing and positive cases in East and South, national numbers have now skewed to data of the West.

• The overall number of new cases reported shows a 0.2% decrease compared to the prior week, with West reporting a 4% increase in new patients. East reported a 43% decrease, and South a 26% decrease in the number of cases. Although the lab testing remains at an average number of 21,000 lab tests per week in the last three weeks, cases numbers have been declining since EPID week 11. The decrease in confirmed cases can be either due to more healthy people getting tested like travellers, non-inclusion of people diagnosed by Antigen Rapid Diagnostic Tests in official reporting, non inclusion of probable cases diagnosed by chest imaging and less testing of suspected and probable cases as per case definition. In addition, there is no reported shortage of tests or lab reagents from any COVID-19 labs.

• In Epi-week 25, the number of new deaths (13) showed no change compared to last week. As a result, the mortality rate remained 0.2 deaths per 100,000 cases, with a case fatality rate of 0.7%.

• West reported a decrease in deaths for the reporting week (13% decrease), East (100% increase) and no deaths reported in South (- see table 1)

• Libya remains classified under community transmission with the circulation of Alpha and Beta Variants of Concern (VOC).