Libya COVID-19 Surveillance Update: July 2022 (Weeks 28) (11 - 17 July 2022)



  • Week 28 reported an increase in case incidence and an increase in Lab weekly testing rate as compared with Week 27. At the national level, transmission classification for Libya moved to very high incidence of community transmission (CT4) in week 28, with circulation of Variants of Concern (VOC). The limited lab weekly testing, with a 36.3% weekly test positivity rate and 10 cases/100,000 population/week. Moreover, Libya had low testing rate at the national level, with 27 persons tested/100,000 population/per week. (See Table III)

  • Fifteen COVID-19 labs (out of 43) reported 1,858 (1,721 PCR and 137 Ag-RDT) tests done in epi week 28. Thus, out of the 2,517,090 tests in Libya since the beginning of the response, 502,963 (20.0%) were confirmed positive for SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19).

  • The overall number of new cases reported in Week 28 shows an of 674 cases as compared to 78 in Week 27, with West reporting a 650 increase in new cases in comparison to 77 in the previous week. The South reported 17 new cases versus 1 the week before, and the East reported 7 cases compared to 0 reporting.

  • In Week 28, one death reported in the South region.

  • Compared to Week 27, there was a 158% increase in overall national testing: by regions, West (1,774 tests; 153% increase), East (13 tests) and South (71 tests; 274% increase). Thus, 95.5% of national testing was performed in the West as compared to both East (0.7%) and South (3.8%) Regions. (-see Table. 1). West represents 64%, East represents 28%, and South represents 8% Libyan population.

  • For Week 28, the national weekly positivity rate compared with week 27 (10.8%) increased to (36.3%); West, East and South had 36.6%, 53.8% and 23.9% weekly positivity rates. WHO recommends that positivity rates be kept below 5% in all districts in a country.