JMACT partners newly started Risk Education in Brega and are accelerating RE and Clearance Operations before summer season comes!

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JMACT partners in Sirte completed their clearance of the power plant site. This work was completed swiftly and efficiently and now that the area is safe having removed a total of 106 items of UXO, 26Kg of Small Arms Ammunition and 7Kg of loose propellant. Construction at the site can recommence thus providing employment for many hundreds of local people. The teams have moved back to other tasks including clearance along the Sirte Beach front, an area that will be more commonly used during the summer season.

UNMAS Ammunition Management Staff visited a naval site in Homs where there are 40 large missiles that they would like to move to the naval ammunition site in Tahouna. Following a request from the Navy for UNMAS assistance in moving these items – logistical and planning discussions have begun.

UNMAS has also provided technical support to the Misratan military in designing temporary storage facilities for their ammunition. These designs have been presented to the head of the local military and local ground preparations at the chosen site have begun.

Libya's landmine problem is one that dates back to the Second World War, but the bigger threat for Libyans today is not stepping on a landmine. Instead, it is Unexploded Ordnance and Explosive Remnants of War and the threat posed from tampering; finding a small round or even a rocket and picking it up to move it or just to see what it is. Sadly, children are amongst the most prevalent victims as they are drawn to pick up items new to them through inherent natural curiosity without knowing the dangers they present.

That is why the work of UNMAS and its partners not only expands mine action to include UXO, but also reaches into the realms of weapons and ammunition management, and small arms and light weapons awareness. Security needs a holistic viewpoint: the more people know about the risk that weapons pose, and the more that can be stored in secure and up-to-standard facilities, the safer everyone will be.


Handicap International

Handicap International conducts clearance operations along Sirte beaches

The Mine Risk Education (MRE) and Community Liaison (CL) teams continued their activities in Misrata. RE sessions were given in schools and throughout the community and a total of 1,449 people were directly targeted and 500 RE leaflet,1,510 A3 posters, and 589 “hotline” stickers were distributed. The Misrata based teams also provided Train the Trainer (ToT) instructions to 43 represetatives from around Misurata providing them with the tools to train others in Risk Education on UXO, ERQ and Small Arms and Light Weapons, along with procedure on the reporting of incidents and accidents involving Explosive Remnants of War (ERW).

More dangerous items continue to be reported in Misrata area through the hotline number and from the MRE/CL teams. During the week HI teams responded to all calls, first marking the areas and then reporting the 5 Dangerous Areas.

The Sirte based clearance teams completed the joint task at the power plant construction site and will begin work along the Sirte beach front. The area is expected to be heavily populated during the summer season and it is important to ensure that the areas pose no threat to beach dwellers.

In addition to above mentioned joint task at the power plant construction site HI RE/CL teams carried out risk awareness sessions in schools, with the business community and with members of the public living in areas contaminated with ERW. Teams conducted 26 RE sessions in 6 schools in close cooperation with the religious community. During the reporting period, a special session was held in a madrassa with a women's Koran study group. HI RE teams also visited Ras Lanoef, where the team conducted a total of total 7 RE sessions in two schools. One RE session was also held in Ras Lanoef mosque and over 500 people attended. The HI RE/CL teams delivered direct awareness sessions to a total of 3,375 people this week !

Danish Church Aid

DCA made a home safe after UXO on roof safely removed

DCA clearance teams have continued their operations in Dafniya in an area that was on the frontline of fighting and therefore is quite heavily contaminated.

DCA responded to a number of spot tasks this week including the removal of an unexploded mortar found on the roof of a family home under a water tower and close to electricity cables. The item was pulled to the centre of the roof and following a successful test run the item was hoisted up and moved outside of the walled garden.

DCA also assisted Handicap International in the destruction of a hand grenade in Tomina. The grenade was found on farmland in the area, and just as the team had set up the demolition a young man appeared from one of the houses with another (fortunately pinned) grenade that was added to the demolition. Both items were successfully destroyed.

Saint Barbara Foundation

SBF clear recreational and picnic areas outside of Tripoli

The Saint Barbara Foundation and the teams of their local partner , the AMAN Foundation, continued BAC clearance work of Ghod Romman, a forested area east of Tripoli which is popular as a recreational and picnic area. This area became contaminated following a NATO strke of an adjoining old military base. The clearance teams are also continuing their efforts at the Mitiga Airport in Tripoli.


MAG clear Nafusa Mountain valley hit by Grad rockets

MAG’s teams continued operations in Misrata, Sirte and the Nafusa Mountains during the week. The teams in Misrata and Zintan conducted 235,229m² of BAC and eight EOD spot tasks, finding and removing sixty UXO and five MANPADS components. The CL teams delivered 52 RE sessions to 1,373 beneficiaries in Misrata and schools in Zintan.

In Misrata the teams continued at the Air Academy ASA and also conducted surface clearance at the site for a water tower project within the ASA. The teams hosted a visit by representatives of the European Union Delegation at the ASA on 29th May. The teams also conducted three spot tasks in the city, and the MAG CL teams delivered 14 RE sessions in schools to 292 beneficiaries.

In Zintan operations focused on BAC tasks this week, completing 45,060m² of BAC in valley areas hit by grad rockets and 50,919m² of BAC in the outer perimeter of the Ql Qa’a Ammunition Storage Area that was damaged during the war. The CL teams delivered 38 RE sessions in schools and High Education institutions throughout the Nafusa Mountain Region. They also reported 18 new DAs and three new accidents with three victims.

The Sirte based clearance teams completed the joint power plant task and have recommenced clearance activities in the city of Sirte.


The Joint Mine Action Coordination Team is a partnering of the UN and international NGOs that is working together with the Libyan Mine Action Centre and Ministry of Education to present a coordinated response to the explosive remnants of war threat in Libya. JMACT provides coordination, prioritizes clearance tasks, mobilizes resources and liaises with the appropriate authorities in Libya.

JMACT Impact By Numbers
Number of Clearance Teams: 23
Number of Risk Education Teams: 29
Number of Mine/ERW Cleared: 233,832
Number of Schools Cleared: 83
Number of Houses Cleared: 2,781
Number of Direct Risk Education Beneficiaries: 174,832
Number of International Staff: 66
Number of National Staff: 293


Funding remains a huge challenge to maintaining current levels of operation in Libya, let alone expanding to meet the necessary need. Clearance work including essential ERW road clearance in Sirte has been forced to shut down due to lack of available funds. This means more than just the works stops; this means that the money invested in training and equipment is actually lost. Contact us now to find out how you can help.