IOM Libya monthly update - May 2017

from International Organization for Migration
Published on 31 May 2017 View Original


• May saw a spike in the number of rescue missions as favorable sea and weather conditions contributed to an increase in migrant boats off Libya. During a ten-day period 2,845 migrants were rescued off the western part of the Libyan coast. A total of 4,027 migrants were rescued in Libyan waters in May, of which 1,780 migrants were rescued off Azzawya.

• In the South, sporadic tribal conflict in Sebha erupted with criminality being reported as an issue of growing concern. Fighting broke out on 4 May, between Awlad Suleiman and Al Mahamid tribes in Sebha. Heavy weaponry and artillery were reportedly used and wounded individuals of al Mahamid tribe were reported as unable to access the 2 March hospital. Approximately 100 households and about 500 migrants from Nigeria, Niger and Ghana were displaced due to the clashes. Three migrants were reported killed (2 from Nigeria, 1 from Niger). Conflict deescalation has been reported since, with 30 households having returned to their homes. Priority IDP needs include shelter, NFIs, food and security.

• More than 60,000 returnee individuals have been reported to have returned to Sirte.
Telecommunications and internet networks have reportedly been restored for the fi rst time in two years.
At the same time returnees in Sirte face lack of basic services including access to hospitals and schools with 50 percent of public hospitals and public schools operating. Increase in prices of accommodation, food and basic supplies remain a challenge for IDPs all across the country

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