Health Sector, Situation Report, COVID-19, (1-14 May), Libya

Situation Report
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Overview: As of 14 May, 64 confirmed cases of COVID-19 are reported in Libya. Until present, a total of 3483 samples were tested for COVID-19. 3 COVID-19 related mortality cases were registered. Most confirmed cases are in Tripoli (49 including 3 deaths) followed by Misrata (10), Benghazi (4) and Surman (1).

Security situation:

Mitiga airport in Tripoli was shelled continuously with reports of damage of civil aircrafts planned for repatriation of Libyans.

2 May, Tripoli – WHO urges the health authorities in Libya to remain vigilant in the face of the serious health threat posed by COVID-19 in the country.

Following the reported emergency needs as a result of fighting around Al Watiya base, WHO delivered 2 trauma kits to each of three hospitals where dozens of dead and injured people were brought, Al Zental hospital, Al Rujban hospital, Al Riyaina hospital.

10 May, Tripoli - WHO delivers essential health supplies to Tarhouna, Libya, where 200 000 remain trapped due to ongoing hostilities

As part of the emergency response following the conflict around Tarhouna area, WHO delivered 5 NCD kits, 3 trauma kits, 1 surgical kit, 1 cholera and 2 IEHK kits to Bani-Waleed hospital. Additional 6 NCD kits, 3 trauma kits, 1 surgical kit, 5 IEHK and 1 cholera kits were delivered to Tarhouna hospital.

10 May, armed group opened fire inside the intensive care unit in Al-Jalla hospital in Benghazi. Indiscriminate shooting. Panic between health workers. Doctors and nurses were assaulted. Medical equipment in ICU ward was damaged, including 7 respirators, monitors, ultrasound machine and other life-saving devices. Transferring all urgent cases to Benghazi Medical Center.

11 May – A joint statement was issued by the Foreign Ministries of France, Greece, UAE, Egypt and Cyprus on the situation in Libya.

12 May - Turkish Foreign Ministry has severely criticized the joint declaration by Greece, Egypt, France, the Greek Cyprus and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) accusing Ankara of undertaking “illegal” activities in Eastern Mediterranean.

13 May - A joint statement (OCHA, UNHCR, UNICEF, UNFPA, WFP, WHO, IOM) on Libya: Conflict and the COVID-19 pandemic present a significant threat to life in Libya

14 May – As a result of continuous military activities around Tripoli city, the building (dermatology department, ENT department) of the Tripoli central hospital was hit by shrapnel of the ongoing shelling of the area close and around the hospital. The hospital (925 beds and more than 5,000 staff) is one of the city's main and largest health facilities, including the oldest trauma center. The shelling caused infrastructural damage to few hospital’ buildings. No casualties were reported.