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Guidance Note: Shelter solution for Migrants, Refugees and Asylum seekers in Libya

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1. Introduction

This guidance note has been developed by the SNFI Technical Working Group1 to provide a strategic framework of shelter solutions for migrants, refugees and asylum seekers. This tailored and contextually nuanced guidance note is needed as non-Libyans face legal and cultural obstacles when finding safe and dignified housing solutions.

In order to effectively guide SNFI partners and stakeholders, these guidelines include five modalities for shelter provision defined in within Standard Operational Procedures (SOPs), included as Annexes:

a. Cash for rent,

b. Host family module,

c. Rehabilitation of identified shelters,

d. Collective centre rented and rehabilitation,

e. Embassies integrated support.

This Guidance Note and the SOPs have been prepared for migrants, refugees and asylum seekers, however parts are applicable to Libyans (host, returnees and IDPs).