Gender-Based Violence Monthly Update, October 2018

Situation Report
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Situational update

The general security situation in this reporting period remained calm. Several families returned to their homes following the September armed clashes that led to multiple displacements. Some families were however unable to return due to the severe damages to their shelters. In Tajoura, a total of 250 families returned to their homes. Furthermore, an estimated 700 migrants arrived to Swani Bin Adam most reportedly in transit to other locations. In addition, around 3,925 individuals returned to their homes in Abu Slim.

Furthermore, an estimated 3,000 migrants also returned to Abu Slim following the end of hostilities while around 170 Families returned to Tawergha, however not all of them are permanently staying there due to lack of basic services. GBV partners in Libya continued to provide case management and psychosocial support to GBV survivors and other vulnerable groups during this reporting period while focusing on the return areas where information dissemination sessions, safety audits and dignity kits distribution were prioritized.

Key GBV interventions during the month

Functional GBV hotline established in Tripoli
UNFPA through its implementing partner, Albyan is currently running a hotline number in Tripoli to facilitate timely and safe access GBV related services. In the month of October, a total of 41 cases were provided with assistance through the hotline.

Dignity kits distribution
UNFPA, IRC and IMC distributed a total of 214 dignity kits targeting IDPs, host communities, migrants and refugees in Tripoli and Misrata. IRC distributed a total of 49 kits in 4 health facilities in Alaswak, Aldaffnia, Alzarroug, Merbat, Misrata centre and Temmina locations. IMC distributed 44 kits in Zwara and Karareem Detention centres while UNFPA distributed 116 kits among the host communities (Warshana, Tajoura, Tarek Al Matar, Abu Saleem, and Khalat Lfurjan) and IDPs in Tripoli namely, Musa bin Nusair school, Tajoura)

Awareness raising activities on GBV
A total of 522 individuals reached with key GBV messages. The information dissemination sessions were conducted at UNFPA supported women centres in Tripoli, Benghazi and Sebha reaching a total of 172 participants. In addition, CESVI organized a 3-day campaign in partnership with a charity organization at the social centre in Tripoli where a total of 33 women and girls were reached while IMC organized 5 awareness raising sessions with People of concern reaching 32 women and girls. Furthermore, IRC reached a total of 285 individuals in coordination with community health workers in Misrata focusing on early marriage.

Provision of PSS and case management to GBV survivors
Survivors of Gender Based Violence continued to receive case management and psychosocial support during the month. Services provided by CESVI in Tripoli, IRC in Misrata and UNFPA (through implementing partners, Al Bayan, Women Union and Elssafa centre) in Tripoli and Sebha. Furthermore, a total of 912 visited the UNFPA women centres in Tripoli and Sebha during this reporting period to seek information about services.