DTM Libya Flow Monitoring Statistical Report 1 (July – August 2016)

from International Organization for Migration
Published on 30 Aug 2016 View Original

IOM Libya presents the first publication of its Flow Monitoring initiative. Libya’s Flow Monitoring statistical and analytical reports build on IOM’s Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) Mobility Tracking Packages towards better articulating Libya’s human mobility profile. Each report presented in this document can be read independently or as part of DTM’s comprehensive Flow Monitoring monthly report.

Flow Monitoring is part of DTM. It captures information on migrants to monitor and understand the trend of movements and population flows in specific locations within a particular time period. DTM Libya’s Flow Monitoring aims to collect and update information on the movement of migrants in Libya, to provide an accurate and timely overview of the migration flows in the country, in particular with regard to:

•Routes used by the migrants who reach and/or transit through Libya

•Identify and monitor the locations where migration flows are most significant

•Provide granulated data on nationalities, sex and age of migrants and specific vulnerabilities

•Develop migration profiles including drivers of migration and migratory trends

The information and analysis provided by DTM Libya complements IOM’s established exercises in the region and in Southern Europe. Considering the scale and complexity of the current migration flows in Libya, the purpose of the DTM is to offer a dynamic approach in relation to the developments of the different routes and the evolving situation in the countries of origin, transit and destination.

This report contains an overview of the findings collected at flow monitoring points in Libya during the period of July – August 2016.

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