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Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) Libya’s Migrant Report: Round 22 | September - October 2018

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The 22th round of data collection took place in September and October 2018.
Between 26 August and 24 September 2018, southern Tripoli witnessed clashes between armed groups, triggering population movements of both local populations and migrants to safer locations, often in near-by municipalities. Following the end of hostilities, these movements were reversed as the situation gradually stabilized and livelihood opportunities, such as daily labor, became available again for migrants.

DTM identified there to be at least 670,920 migrants currently in Libya. Migrants were identified in all 100 municipalities*, within 558 communities and originated from more than 39 countries.
As displayed in the maps on page 5-6, out of the total number of migrants identified, 633,655 individuals (94%) originate from 29 different African countries with 37,197 individuals (6%) from 9 Asian and Middle Eastern countries. The remaining 68 individuals were recorded with unknown/other country of origin.

The top five nationalities identified were Nigerien, Egyptian, Chadian,
Sudanese and Nigerian, together these nationalities account for up to 69% of Libya’s migrant population. Out of the 633,655 individuals from Africa, 444,712 (70%) originate from Sub-Saharan countries and 188,943 individuals (30%) from North African countries.

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