Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) Libya’s Migrant Report: Round 15 October— November 2017

from International Organization for Migration
Published on 30 Nov 2017 View Original


This report is part of IOM’s effort to provide a comprehensive statistical overview of Libya’s current migration profile. DTM Libya’s Migrant statistical information package includes the below report, accompanied by a comprehensive user-friendly dataset and a key findings one pager.


During October – November 2017 DTM Libya’s Mobility Tracking identified 432,574 migrants* across all 22 mantikas (regions) in Libya. Migrants were identified in 99 baladiyas and 531 muhallas.

Unlike in the previous rounds, Tripoli had the highest number of migrants identified in Libya (82,220 individuals identified which represent 19% of the total number of migrants). Misrata had the second highest number of migrants (69,040 migrants which represent 16% of all migrants identified). The third highest number of migrants, 47,483, were accounted for in Almargeb.

The rest of Libya’s migrant population was dispersed across all other regions

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