COVID-19 surveillance Weekly bulletin for Libya Epidemiological Week 13 (22 – 28 March)

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• 27, 507 new lab tests done in 28 (out of 31) CO VID-19 labs reporting for Epi-week 13. Out of the total 869,646 tests done in Libya since the beginning of the response, 157,545 (18.1%) were confirmed positive for SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19).

• As compared to Epi-week 12, there was a 18.8% decrease in overall testing, and decrease seen in all three regions; West (18% decrease), East (42% decrease) while lab testing slightly decreased by 0.2% in the South during the reporting week. (-see fig. 1)

• The positivity rate for Epi-week 13 decreased from 19% to 18.3%, this is attributable to decreased laboratory testing reported from all three regions but is difficult to generalize based on whether comprehensive surveillance exists in all municipalities of the country especially in the South and West.

• Community transmission is ongoing. The overall number of new cases reported shows a 21.7% decrease compared to the prior week, with South reporting a 4.1% increase in new cases.

• In Epi-week 13, the number of new deaths (140) increased by 26.2% when compared to last week. The mortality rate increased to 2.06 deaths per 100,000 cases with a case fatality rate increasing to 2.8%.

• East region reported an increase (46.2%), West an increase of 25% while South showed an increase of 9% since the previous week. (- see table 1)

• From the data analysis of Epi-week 13, the East Region is having the largest number of deaths and largest decrease in number of lab test done.

• Libya remains classified under community transmission with a verified circulation of Variant of Concern VOC 202012/01(B.1.1.7, UK Variant) and a non-verified presence of VOC 202012/02(B.1.351, South African Variant).