COVID-19 Movement Restrictions: Libya Mobility Restriction Dashboard #8 (1 - 30 September 2020)


COVID-19 outbreak

During the reporting period, the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases increased rapidly, from 14,624 at the end of August to 35,208 by the end of September (+20,584). Most confirmed COVID-19 cases in Libya were identified in Tripoli (10,348 new COVID-19 cases in September).

Mobility Restrictions

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Libyan authorities initiated public health measures in March 2020 aimed at curbing the spread of COVID-19. These measures include travel and mobility restrictions due to partial closure of airports, points of entry (POE) along land borders. On 05 May 2020, Libyan authorities started the repatriation of Libyans stranded abroad through Misrata, Benghazi Benina and Al Abraq airports, as well as Emsaed and Ras Ajdir land border crossing points.

In September, Emsaed PoE has been open for entry and exit while Ras Ajdir POE remained closed with occasional exceptions granted for returning Libyans during the reporting period.

Due to a fire at Misrata airport on 03 August the airport was closed and all flights were moved to Tripoli Mitiga airport.

Tripoli Mitiga Airport was operational in September for daily flights to/from Istanbul, with an average of 3 flights per day. Additionally, on 16 September, domestic flights between Mitiga Airport and Sebha Airport commenced, with an average of 2 flights per week.

Reportedly, Benina Airport in Benghazi remained closed for commercial flights in September 2020.