Cascade training on implementation of family practice approach (IFPA) in Libya [EN/AR]


Ministry of Health in collaboration with WHO Office for Libya has organized the first cascade training to share and disseminate the knowledge related to introduction and implementation of family practice with other cadres of health workers who manages and support the six selected Primary Health Care facilities in West, South and East Regions of Libya. The training was facilitated by internal facilitators which were selected during the Training of Trainers (ToT) Workshop which was held in the month of July of 2018. The selected facilitators have been provided a comprehensive orientation by the WHO expert in family practice. Likewise, the facilitation of different sessions were supervised and evaluated by the external expert and a continuous feedback on how to improve the quality of various sessions was given by the expert. It is essential to underline that in total 40 participants representing Health Managers of Central MOH, Health Regions and six Health Centers have been trained in the cascade training. This training will be followed by similar other trainings related to various technical areas which are covered by the DFID funded PHC project inside Libya in order to trickles down the new knowledge to all levels of the health care system which are involved in the management and delivery of PHC services. The enhanced leadership and communication skills by the internal pool of experts will facilitate the expansion of family practice approach to other health facilities in subsequent phases of implementation. WHO extends its heartfelt gratitude to the DFID for financially supporting this essential project which will lay the foundation for a more robust and resilient health system.