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Alrassed International Humanitarian Newsletter, March 2017

News and Press Release
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Teaching in the Community

By Dr Ahmed Sabaawi & Steven Devine

Alrassed International’s country director for Iraq, Dr Ahmed Sabaawi, has delivered series of talks to students in Year 10 and sixth form at Lancaster Girls' Grammar School,
Lancaster, UK.

The students had recently looked at refugees and migration and by further extension;
Asylum seekers and issues they face. Thus, they felt that this talk will be in line with their curriculum and welcomed Dr Sabaawi’s expertise within the field; providing clear insight on what is going on in areas of the globe effected by migration and refugees; he was further able to answer the students’ questions fairly.

The aim of Dr Sabaawi’s talks was to provide answers to key questions, defining: what is a refugee? What are the reasons for people to leave their home countries and seek asylum abroad? Further to this, Dr Sabaawi was able to highlight the key differences between what makes an individual a refugee, and what makes an individual an Internally Displaced Person (IDP). Specifically, looking into the situation of refugees moving across the Mediterranean, and those living in IDP camps. Dr Sabaawi was able to highlight work done by Alrassed International; investigating the IDP camps of Iraq.

By posing these questions it was hoped that the students would be able to gain a greater understanding of the personal plight faced by millions, who commonly see their situation covered by the broad brush stroke of media and journalists on TV and in newspaper articles.

He was able to suggest some actions to help refugees integrate into society. Dr Sabaawi ended each presentation with a round of questions from the pupils; allowing further develop their own understanding of the current situations in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

The schools head teacher has thankfully been able to report that since Dr Sabaawi’s presentations, a number of the pupils have spoken to him expressing a positive reaction to the talks; having learned that the news. does not always provide the full story