Addressing the Humanitarian crisis in Sirte, Libya

Originally published


Alrassed International’s work in Sirte over the past 7 months, has left no doubt that war crimes and human rights violations have occurred numerous of times. The health and food crisis is the worst in the history of the city, the lack of shelter and protection and the indiscriminate firing, forced many of the residents to flee the area.

Our representatives in the city, have managed to gather extraordinary wealth of documented material for the terrible abuses against the city and its people, along with interviews with doctors from Ibn Sina Hospital (Sirte), statements from Health Centres, the condition of the displaced residents and their distress.

The information in the report, is based on newly documented information from 2nd/February 2016 to 15 August 2016. However, the document contains important factors from 2013 to 2016 that had (and still have) an impact on the humanitarian situation in the city.

The information in the report was strongly based on the interviews that we made with the doctors from Ibn-Sina Teaching Hospital of Sirte, who either remained in the outskirts of the city or fled to Beni-Walid (300 km) where we documented the condition of the Hospital before they left Sirte, the medical shortages they had, and also the horrendous crimes and the cruelty of life under what is called Daesh. A large number of our interviews were through our representatives in Beni-Walid, we also made interviews through the social media and phone-calls. furthermore, We have Hand-Written Statements from more than 6 health centres in the outskirts of the city, urging us to help and “do something” about their situation.

We have more than 13 doctors from Ibn Sina Hospital that gave us specific information on their work at the hospital and what really happened in the city and how their situation was dealt with.
The purpose of this report-update, is to urgently assist the residents and help establish a long term solution for the Health Crisis in Sirte District. The report also outlines a number of recommendations to help assist and guide professionals, non-governmental organisations, United Nations agencies, aid organisations and others; to establish emergency health response strategies to assist with the Health Needs.

The report urges all Parties to intervene, in order to protect these innocent people and to address the conflicting parties to stop indiscriminate firing and shelling that puts their lives at risk; and provide a safe passage, which allows support and supply to reach the area.