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WFP West Africa Ebola Response Situation Report #5, 26 September 2014

Situation Report
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3 pillars of WFP support:

  • Delivering food alongside the health response;
  • Ensuring the movement of partner staff and materials; and
  • Providing common services and infrastructure support for health partners.

In numbers

To date, in the three most affected countries of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone:
- 4,979 mt of food delivered for 389,827 people since April 2014*;
- 426 responders transported by UNHAS, with 2 planes and 1 helicopter in operation; and
- Over 900 m3 of medical cargo transported.

Highlight - Enabling the Health Response

The current Ebola outbreak is a complex emergency, with significant, social, economic, humanitarian, politi-cal and security dimensions. Logistics plays a key role, enabling an effective health response by all partners. Major obstacles to an effective medical response in-clude the lack of beds for the increasing number of patients and the increasing volume of vital medical supplies requiring immediate storage and dispatch to affected people.

Through WFP’s Logistics Augmentation and common services Special Operation (SO200767), WFP provides urgently needed specialized equipment, transport and storage of relief cargo at strategic locations, logistics cluster coordination and emergency telecommunica-tions. Funds amounting to US$ 11.3 million are urgently needed for WFP to continue to provide logistics support to all the partners involved in the Ebola response.