USAID/OTI Liberia Hot Topics May 2005

News and Press Release
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Over Four Hundred Teachers Participate in Accelerated Learning Program Training in Liberia

In order to provide basic primary education to children and youths who have been denied access over the past two decades in Liberia, Liberia Transition Initiatives/CAII is working in close collaboration with the Liberian Ministry of Education to coordinate the implementation of an Accelerated Learning Program throughout Liberia. The objectives of this program are threefold.

  • To facilitate primary-school participation of over-aged and war-affected youths 8 years old and up into the Accelerated Learning Program. In the program, six years of regular schooling are undertaken in three years.

  • To mainstream life skills, HIV/AIDS education and other intervention programs into the Accelerated Learning Program.

  • To explore the potential for non-formal learning accommodations, such as community centers, and partnerships with non-government institutions, such as private schools, to expand the reach of the Accelerated Learning Program.
One of the most important activities that will facilitate the attainment of these objectives is to provide Accelerated Learning Teacher Training. Liberia Transition Initiatives aims to provide training for up to 800 teachers. To date, 432 teachers throughout Liberia have attended the intensive 10-day training at four sites. Fifty Master Trainers were trained by LTI/CAII and are responsible for conducting the teacher training.

For further information, please contact:

In Washington: Donna Kerner, Senior Program Manager, 202-712-0716, dkerner