U.S. gives 15 million for Liberian fighters' reintegration

Monrovia (dpa) - The United States has contributed 15 million dollars towards the rehabilitation and reintegration programme for fighters in the Liberian conflict, which stalled by lack of funding.

Announcing this in Monrovia Friday, U.S Ambassador John Blaney said the process had stalled because the number of fighters being demobilised was much higher than anticipated.

The projection of 36,000 turned out to be much lower than the actual 100,000 disarmed, meaning a financial shortfall in money needed for all ex-combatants get their RR benefits.

Acting special representative of the U.N secretary Abou Moussa said 10 million dollars was still required to complete the RR component of the programme.

Blaney said Washington was keen on seeing exiled former president Charles Taylor appear before the special court for Sierra Leone and face the charges against him, and was engaging the Nigerian and Liberian governments, U.N, ECOWAS and the African Union on this. dpa tas sc


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