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UNICEF Weekly Situation Report No.51


Reporting Period: 26 - 31 Dec 2011


• The total number of Ivorian refugees in Liberia is 138,735 based on UNHCR data.
• Except for the two-day student riots just before Christmas, the security situation in Liberia during Christmas and New Year period remained calm.
• As the year 2011 came to a close, UNICEF Liberia is getting ready to meet the continuing challenges posed by the refugee crisis. UNICEF will continue to scale up its response to the needs not only of the children and women with refugee status but also of those in the host communities.
• With the generous support provided by the donors in 2011, UNICEF was able to mobilise over $18 million (60%) of its total humanitarian funding needs of $29.9 million. While thanking the donor community for its generous contributions in 2011, UNICEF is appealing for continued support to meet its humanitarian funding requirements for 2012. The total humanitarian funding needs for 2012 is $25.9 million.
• UNICEF would like to thank all its partners especially the NGOs for their partnership and hard work in delivering results for children.