UNICEF Liberia Ebola Outbreak Weekly Situation Report #78, 25 March 2015



One new confirmed case of Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) was reported from greater Monrovia in the week to 22 March 2015: the first such case for over three weeks.

  • The Government of Liberia has identified 4,175 children (2,176 girls and 1,999 boys) as affected by EVD. The Government has defined the number of children ‘affected’ as quarantined, orphaned, unaccompanied and separated children (UASC), in treatment and discharged. Orphans are children who have lost one or both parents/primary caregivers due to EVD. More specifically, the total number of children registered by social workers as having lost one or both parents/primary caregivers due to EVD is 2,951 (754 having lost both parents and 2,197 having lost one parent).

  • In response to the recent confirmed EVD case in Caldwell district of Monrovia, UNICEF responded by deploying 20 additional general community health volunteers (gCHV) to conduct a mop-up campaign in the hotspot and neighboring communities.

  • UNICEF-supported social workers are visiting the house of the woman diagnosed with EVD and surrounding households in Caldwell daily to provide psychosocial support to family and neighbours.

  • On March 23 2015, UNICEF conducted an assessment at SIMS Community School in Caldwell after discovering that the woman who tested positive for Ebola last Friday was a food vendor at the school. The team met with the Principal and the Registrar to implement infection prevention and control measures in the school.

  • UNICEF conducted trainings on cross-border EVD prevention protocols. The meeting was attended by 130 individuals: district commissioners, chairs of local Ebola Task Forces, local traditional leaders, and personnel from national and international organizations.

  • During a special measles immunization campaign conducted by the Ministry of Health and partners in Peace Island in Monrovia, UNICEF estimates that 93 per cent (699) of target children were vaccinated. Prior to the campaign,
    UNICEF carried out intensive community engagement to mobilize parents to have their children immunized. UNICEF is providing the same support in Grand Basse County in response to the measles outbreak.

  • Preparations are on track for the planned measles campaign (integrated with oral polio vaccines (OPV), Vitamin A and deworming tablets) in May 2015 for children under 5. Micro-planning sessions have now been concluded in 14 of 15 counties and teams of cold chain technicians have been dispatched this week to commence repairs on faulty cold chain equipment in the counties.