UN agencies lost 489 vehicles in Liberia - report

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MONROVIA, July 22 (Reuter) - The United Nations and other international agencies operating in Liberia lost 489 vehicles worth $8 million during widespread looting in Monrovia in April and May, a U.N. report said on Monday.

The report by the U.N. humanitarian assistance agency UN-HACO said U.N. agencies alone lost 322 vehicles worth $4.9 million.

Offices of U.N. agencies and non-governmental organisations were plundered in the orgy of looting that devastated central Monrovia when Liberia's six-year-old civil war flared on April 6. Many of the vehicles, notably four-wheel vans, were driven inland or into neighbouring countries but some were wrecked after days of joyriding by teenaged gunmen high on drugs.

Peacekeepers managed to restore some order in Monrovia after seven weeks.

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