Three workers killed in Liberia, ADRA mourns

Silver Spring, MD -- With tremendous sadness, the Adventist Development and Relief Agency International (ADRA) joins the families of its three slain workers in mourning the tragic loss of these courageous and dedicated men.
Emmanuel Sharpulo, acting country director for Liberia, Kaare Lund, director for Norway, and Musa Kita, chief driver were killed in an outbreak of rebel fighting on their way to a Norwegian-funded ADRA refugee shelter project in the area of Toe Town, in eastern Liberia.

This resurgent fighting along the border between Liberia and the Ivory Coast caused 2,500 Ivorian and other West African refugees to flee and displaced an estimated 8,000 people from the local community.

"ADRA workers operating in war-torn regions are increasingly at risk of being in harm's way, but are dedicated to relieving the suffering of refugees and others affected by war," says Charles Sandefur, ADRA International president.

"Emmanuel, Kaare, and Musa were doing just that when they lost their lives, and we honor their commitment to demonstrating God's love in war-torn Liberia. At the same time, we recognize that each of them derived an invaluable source of strength and courage from their families, and we mourn with them at this time."

ADRA commends the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) for coordinating and carrying out the search for the agency's workers under extremely dangerous conditions.

Their courageous efforts have provided ADRA and the families of those who lost their lives with the opportunity to grieve. In the wake of this terrible tragedy, ADRA's commitment to the people of Liberia is strong and unswerving.

In the indomitable words of Kaare Lund, as recorded in his trip report upon his return from Liberia late last year, "Technically, we ought to withdraw from all of Liberia, but they need help more than any of the others we are working with. If everyone pulls out, theirs is a destiny no one deserves! We should press on."

Emmanuel, Kaare, and Musa each leave behind a legacy of healing and hope that will live on for generations to come through the lives of those whom they served.


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