Summary of elections in Liberia - Information presented to the HAC

News and Press Release
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The National Elections Commission and the UNMIL Electoral Division completed their civic and voter education plan. It is the hope of NEC/UNMIL that the members of HAC would be partners in educating Liberian voters about the upcoming election. They are interested in speaking with small groups of either the International NGO community or their national staff to provide them with materials and resources to in turn share the key messages and information about voting to other voters that they interact with in the course of their normal work.

If an organization is interested in having someone from UNMIL speak with them, please contact Sarah Dietch (06 404 114, or Foster Tucker (06 428 255, Additionally, there are UNMIL Election Staff and NEC staff in all 15 counties who can speak with staff members outside of the Monrovia area.

If anyone can share information on funding sources for wind up radios or wind up radios with cassette tape players, please share with Foster.

The current phase of the electoral process is the nomination of candidates. All candidates for each of the three offices (President/Vice President, Senate, and House of Representatives) must present their nomination to the Nomination Center (located in the National Investment Center) in Monrovia in person. As of the morning of 2 August, only 11 candidates had submitted their nominations: one for President, four for Senate, and six for House of Representatives. The nomination process opened on 21 July and closes on 6 August. It is believed that there are delays in candidates submitting their nominations as there continues to "horse trading" occurring through informal alliances and new regulations on campaign finance requiring candidates to submit information on their assets.

After the nomination process, the political campaign will begin on 15 August. Polling day is 11 October. Counting will begin at the polling places after the polls close on 11 October. The results from each of the polling places will be tabulated on a county level and then sent to Monrovia. By law, NEC must release the results by 26 October, 15 days after the election.

On Polling Day, the voter will cast three ballots: 1 for President/Vice President, 1 for Senate and 1 for House of Representatives. Each ballot will be a different color and the color will correspond with the ballot box they need to place their ballot in. The ballot is still not final as the number of candidates remains unknown, but the design will provide for one column with the symbol of the party or a symbol the independent candidate has chose, the name of the candidate (in alphabetic order), and then finally a column for the mark. The ballot can be marked with either a thumbprint or a pen.