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Second batch of Liberian refugees return home

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Oru, Nigeria (PANA) - Another group of 124 Liberian refugees left Oru camp in southwestern Nigeria for home on Saturday under the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)'s voluntary repatriation programme.

The latest departures bring to 238 the number of Liberians so far repatriated since the exercise started in May, according to camp commandant Lawrence Yegwa.

The refugees used the greater part of Friday for weighing their baggage and perfecting necessary travel documents.

They left the camp, 140 km from Lagos, for the Murtala Muhammed International Airport in the commercial city, where they boarded an ADC chartered flight in the afternoon.

"Those that left include infants, women and some adults. Although 148 initially registered, only 124 were able to make it. The rest will go with the next batch," Yegwa told PANA.

He said before their departure, the adults were given a stipend of 3,000 naira ($22) each, while the younger ones received N1,500 each ($11).

Some of the Liberian refugees arrived at the camp 15 years ago, following the political crisis that led to a brutal 14-year civil war, which officially ended two years ago.

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