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One UN Weekly Sitrep - Publication No.31, September 17-23 2011

Situation Report
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• Last week, 813 Ivorian refugees were relocated to PTP, Little Wlebo and Bahn camps. This includes 588 refugees to PTP, 31 individuals to Bahn camp and 194 refugees to Little Wlebo.
Among those who relocated to Little Wlebo following an awareness campaign included 125 refugees from River Gee County most of whom had earlier refused to relocate following the introduction of new services in host communities by some partners.

• The Ghana Refugee Board, UNHCR (Ghana and Liberia) and the Liberia Refugee Repatriation and Resettlement Commission (LRRRC) signed a joint communiqué on 20 September in Monrovia following deliberations concerning Liberian refugees and Ivorian ex-combatants. The Ghanaian delegation which constituted a seven-man National Task Force on ex-combatants visited Liberia from 16-20 September in an effort to learn from the Liberian experience on the establishment of an Internment Camp as well as familiarize themselves with Liberia’s Local Integration programme.

• The general security situation remained calm and peaceful as political campaigning continues. As part of security measures ahead of the 11 October Presidential and Legislative elections, all missions from 7-30 October will have to be authorized by the Special Representative of the UN Secretary General procedural details of which will be provided later.

• Food distribution on 21 September in Dougee camp was interrupted by some refugee youths who were reportedly against bulgur wheat being distributed. The distribution was discontinued and the Liberian National Police was contacted.