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One UN Weekly Sitrep - No: 37 (01-08 January 2012)

Situation Report
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• The total Ivoirian refugee figure reported by UNHCR as of 15 December 2011 was135, 208. Of this number, Nimba County hosts 41,946 refugees, Grand Gedeh 62,017, River Gee 11,530, Maryland 12,819 and Montserado 377 with only 43,761 refugees in camps.

• At least 24,000 children have been identified in the four counties hosting refugees as being separated from their primary caregivers and require support.

• Child Protection sector reported an irregular water supply in refugee camps; Bahn and Little Wlebo, have exposed children to abuse, water-borne diseases and snake bites. Approximately 300 children are not also able to move into semi-permanent housing (in Block E) in PTP camp due to inadequate water supply to that block.

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