Ministry of Health and Social Welfare Annual Report 2014

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Executive Summary

The Ministry developed a 10 year National Health Policy and Plan (2011-2021) with a mission to reform and manage the sector, to effectively and efficiently deliver comprehensive, quality health services that are equitable, accessible and sustainable for all people in Liberia. The policy vision is a healthy population with social protection for all, and the goal is to improve the health and social welfare status of the population of Liberia on an equitable basis. The ten-year plan adapts the WHO health systems framework and includes seven health system building blocks: governance and leadership, health financing, human resources, information systems, management and organization, medical products and technology, and infrastructure network. In the execution of this goal, mission and vision, the Ministry in 2014 did not achieve much due to the Ebola crisis that engulfed the entire country, affecting every county.

The Ministry of Health and Social Welfare during the year under review had the Department of Social Welfare detached and integrated with the newly established Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection as part of the Government’s reform agenda. In the midst of wide spread transmission of the Ebola pandemic, the Ministry of Health provided health services with support from the Government of Liberia, donors, development partners and stakeholders.