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Liberia - Little Wlebo Refugee Camp Profile, March 2018

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Little Wlebo Refugee Camp & communities (Maryland and River Gee)

2,054 Ivorian refugees in Maryland County

1,007 Ivorian refugees In Little Wlebo Camp

1,047 Ivorian refugees in Host Communities

10,728 Refugees repatriated since December 2015


  • Little Wlebo Camp (LWC) is located in Maryland County approximately 15km from Harper City. It lies at Latitude N4º 27’ 02.68" and Longitude W 7º 44’ 30.98". The Liberian government and people have been generous in the allocation of 3 square kilometres of land for use by refugees.

  • The camp was first opened in 2002, when Ivorians fled into Liberia for fear of their personal safety and security, but the camp was later closed; it was re-opened in 2011.

  • Following the Government of Liberia’s encampment policy for refugees announced in 2012 and ended in June 2013, assistance to refugees in the communities –- where most of those fleeing the electoral dispute were settled -- was discontinued. LRRRC/UNHCR relocated refugees to LWC on a voluntary basis. As of 28 February 2018, the refugee population in Maryland County is 1,491 (1,007 in LWC and 484 in Maryland host communities). There are also 563 Ivorian refugees living in River Gee host communities.

  • Field Office Harper (Maryland) officially closed on 31 December 2017. UNHCR Liberia Sub Office in Zwedru (Grand Gedeh) oversees the activities in Little Wlebo Camp.

  • The name of the refugee camp will be changed by the government authority to a preferred name as part of the local integration process and the corresponding Alternative to Camps policy. In line with the local integration strategy, LWC will be transformed into a village settlement in which both refugees and host communities will live together under the authority of a Town Chief.