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Liberia: Humanitarian Dashboard (as of May 2012)

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The overalilvorian refugee population living in Liberia stands at 58,245 individuals (31,255 female and 26,990 male)

Some 33,642 Ivorian refugees live in the camps and relocation villages whereas the remainder, 24,603, are in the host community. Over half of the refugee population live in Grand Gedeh County while a quarter of them live in Nimba County.

A total of 140,000 Liberians in the 4 counties hosting Ivorian refugees are extremely vulnerable due to their poor purchasing power and fragile coping me<:hanisms stretched to the breaking point during the refugee influx.

Based on current trends and assuming a stable situation in Cote d'ivoire, UNHCR projects the number of Iv or ian refugees at 44,000 by end of June and 29,000 by December of 2012

Since April 2011, an estimated number of 16S,822lvorian refugees have returned back to Cote d'ivoire from Liberia Following the signing oftheTripartite agreement between the

Government of Liberia, UNHCR and Goververnment of COl in August 2011, a cumulative number of 5,238lvorian refugees have been volontarily repatriated to Cote d'ivoire so far this year.

Link: Mid-Year Review of the Consolidated Appeal for Liberia 2012

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