IDP return in Liberia - Update 7

Situation Report
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1. Status of Return
As of 3rd March 2005, some 67,644 IDPs have received humanitarian assistance to return and reintegrate in their counties of origin. The majority of these IDPs returned to Bomi County. The return process is now being opened to other counties such as Bong.

2. Field Movements

The humanitarian community in Liberia has been assisting IDPs from the Montserrado camps since the 8th of November last year. This assistance has varied according to the situation. At the moment there are three categories highlighted in the table below;

Figures & Categories
Type of Assistance
Provided with NFIs, transportation, and a cash grant for secondary transport i.e. to enable the IDPs to move further inland from the transit point by renting a car or bicycle etc.
Returned spontaneously on their own, but upon arrival at the transit site were provided with food and non food items plus the secondary cash grant
Provided secondary transport grant, food and non food items in the camps. These are IDP who come from the greater Monrovia area.
Total. 67,644 Total number of IDPs provided with humanitarian assistance

3. Fendell Camp

This camp is located in facilities belonging to the University of Liberia. In the past there has been some concerns to move the IDPs from here so that the University authorities could start utilizing it for its original purpose. A decision was therefore made to focus on Fendell camp to allow the IDPs to return. After mass information campaign and discussions with camp leadership, a total of 294 family heads constituting 716 individuals came forward and expressed their willingness to be assisted to return. During the week of 22nd February they were provided with food rations, Non Food Items and a secondary transport grant on 1st and 2nd March and left for their homes. Another group of 3,532 in the same camp has expressed interest to be returned and have been registered to return to counties beyond Monrovia area. (See table below)

4. Bong to Bong return

In order to widen the return process to other counties, it was decided to start moving the IDPs in Bong County who would be returning to the neighboring areas. These camps are mostly managed by the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC). From 2nd to 4th of March, the IDP Implementation Unit carried out a mass information and sensitization campaign in the Bong camps. Information disseminated was specific to the resettlement package provided by UNHCR and WFP. Posters with detailed contents of the assistance packages were distributed in the camps and also posted in strategic areas. IDPs in Miamu I, II, and III, Salala and Tumutu camps were enthusiastic about the information received. The return process in the E.J. Yancy IDP camp would continue in the coming weeks. Currently, registration of IDPs voluntarily returning home continues in the camps in Bong, Margibi, Grand Bassa and Montserrado Counties. See categories below:

5. Registration and preparation for movements

Montserrado to Montserrado: Mount Barclay IDP Camp

Family Head
Family Size

Montserrado to Montserrado: Jahtondo IDP Camp

Family Heads
Family Size

Fendell to Other Counties

Family Head
Family Size
Grand Total

6. Logistics

All food commodities for the return process in Bong County has been pre-positioned at WFP Sub-office at Phebe by 1st March. Non food items are also ready.

Office of the Humanitarian and Relief Coordinator
5st March 2005.

UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
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