IDP return in Liberia - Update 18

1. Status of Return

As of 29 May 2005, 146,558 IDPs have received return assistance, this represent 28,700 families. Please find the various categories detailed below.

IDP Field Movements and categories
Figures and Categories
Type of Assistance Provided
43,426 facilitated by IOM from the 8 November 2004 through 31 March 2005 This caseload of IDPs received transport assistance from IOM to the transit center closer to their area of return. They also received secondary transport allowance along with their 4 months initial food ration and non-food items
45,279 Spontaneously returned to their county/ district of return. These IDPs received their return assistance and secondary transport allowances, food and non-food items through their head of household.
57,853 accelerated movement phase of returning beginning the 11th March through 29 May 2005 This category of IDPs received their primary and secondary transport assistance through UNHCR/IP and WFP in their respective camps before departure.
2,290 Vulnerable IDPs has been transported by IOM out of the 6,638 registered since the beginning of this part of the operations These vulnerable IDPs were transported to the nearest drop off point in their area of return and provided with secondary transportation allowances, food and non-food items by IOM.
146,558 The total numbers of IDPs assisted to settle in their communities from the distribution began in November 2004

2. Movement in the Montserrado Camps

On 11 May 2005 distribution of return assistance started in Unification Town, and ongoing and is expected to be completed by 6 June 2005, the targeted caseload is 6, 925 .

On 2 June 2005 in distribution of return assistance started in Mt. Barclay IDP Camp, with a targeted caseload of 10,556 IDPs.

A small number of backlog of cases in Jah Tondo, and in Perry Town for distribution of transportation allowances will be completed soon. Lastly, preparations are being finalized to commence the Lofa County caseload in Buchanan IDP Camp. This will be the first operation in this area.

3. Movement in Bong Camps

Distribution of return assistance to IDPs in the Bong Camps is ongoing. During the last week, a total of 1,426 heads of household representing 7,584 IDPs were issued resettlement cards and received all their return assistance in Maimu I whilst on the 3 June 2005the distribution began in Maimu II. Many of them are registered in Zorzor district in Lofa County.

4. Distribution of Return Assistance is completed in four camps

As of early June, distribution of return assistance have been completed in four IDP camps, i.e. Tumutu IDP camp and E.J Yancy IDP Camp in Bong county. In Montserrado two camps have been completed, i.e. Fendel camp and Perry Way Station IDP camp. The beneficiaries have received all their return assistance. The Internally Displaced Persons Consultative Forum (ICF) has instructed the IDP Unit to inform the Liberian Government officially through the LRRRC.

5. Trucking of Vulnerable IDPs

Registration and transportation of vulnerable IDPs continues in Bong County. During the period under review International Organization for Migration (IOM) trucked a total of 2.290 out of the 6,638 registered vulnerable IDPs. Registration of vulnerable IDPs is on going at Ricks and Wilson camps in Montserrdo County.

6. Hut Demolition

The Hut demolition exercise strategy, which started sometimes ago, is not yielding the desire results e.g. it is reported that in Tumutu IDP Camp only 28 families (total 84 IDPs) remains in the camp, whilst 408 huts are abandoned but not demolished. This leaves about 380 huts empty. Many of the hut demolition teams (chaired by LRRRC and members being Camp Management Agency and IDP Leaders) have requested payment or compensation for hut demolition.

7. High number of IDPs receiving their second tranche of food in return districts - WFP and Return and Resettlements Indicators

According to WFP, as of 29 May 2005, out of the total of about 96,324 IDP beneficiaries that qualified to receive the second food tranche about 72% representing 68,915 former IDPs have now received their second food tranche in their districts of return or the district that they have chosen to settle in. Most of the IDPs mentioned have received their first food tranche for two months in the camp, the distribution of the second tranch of food complete their (in total) four months food assistance.

The high number of IDPs receiving their second tranche of food up country would indicate that the majority of the IDPs in fact are leaving the camps and return to there areas of origin (pre-war place of habitual residence). Additionally, it is noted that about five percent of the total number of registered voters are IDPs (registered in camps) which would be between 60 and 65 thousand IDPs The official number of registered voters are between 1, 250 000 and 1, 300 000, source UNMIL Electoral Section . Additionally, it is noted that about 70 percent of the IDPs that registered to vote chose to cast the ballots in the October election in their place of origin. This indicates that the IDPs choose to be included in the political process in Liberia.

Displaced Population Total number of beneficiaries that have received the return assistance in the camps – incl. the first food tranche Total number of beneficiaries who have received return packages at least two months earlier and qualify for the second trenches of food assistance
96 324
68 915
72 %
11 008
7 299
66 %

IDP UNIT - 4 JUNE 2005


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