IDP return in Liberia - Update 10

1. Status of Return

As at 23rd March 2005, 88,705 IDPs received assistance to return and reintegrate in their counties of origin.

2. Field Movement

The International Organization for Migration moved IDPs from the Montserrado camps from 8th November 2004 to 23rd March 2005. See the categories in the table below:

Figures & Categories
Type of Assistance
Facilitated up to 22-3-05
Provided with NFIs, transportation, cash grant for secondary transport
Returned spontaneously on their own, but were provided with food and non food items plus the secondary cash grant
Total number of IDPs assisted and therefore removed from WFP feeding logs

3. IDPs headed for Salayea, Lofa County

The IDP Return Implementation Unit, (IDPRIU) under the accelerated movement of IDPs has targeted some 16,254 IDP in the three Miamu camps in Bong County for possible return to Salayea in Lofa County. The decision for this movement is to ensure IDPs from Liberia's food basket return home before the raining season at which time bad road condition is experienced. Meanwhile, the return process continues in other IDP camps including Fendell and Jahtondo in Montserrado and E.J. Yancy in Bong. The IDPRI Unit effecting the distribution of resettlement package to IDPs in E.J. Yancy during the period reports there are increasing numbers of IDPs opting to partake in the process on seeing the other IDPs benefiting from the process.

The IDP Return Implementation unit regards this as a positive development, especially in light of the 26 February incident, when IDPs had withdrawn from the return process on grounds that the contents of the resettlement package were inadequate. To date, the resettlement package remains unchanged-food and non-food items provided by the UNHCR and WFP.

4. IDP Return Implementation Unit Reactivates Demolition Team

On 24 March, the Demolition Team began reactivating the camps teams an initial visit and tour of Ricks, Plumkor, Wilson and Perry Town IDP camps. The team was assured of the provision of tools for the demolition of huts in the IDP camps. During the tour at Ricks, the team observed IDPs demolishing abandon and vacated huts. The indication was that the demolition of unoccupied structures provided a safety net for IDPs remaining in the camps. The team further observed that IDPs were using the sticks to burn charcoal as a means of income generation. A bag of coal is sold at LD$125.00. this activity leads to demolition of vacant and abandoned huts. The team will continue their visit to other camps next week.

5. IDP Implementation Unit -- Mass Information Campaign Team

In continuation of the mass information and sensitization campaign on the Return of IDPs to their districts, members from the team visited VOA-1, Perry Town, UNHCR Way Station, Wilson Corner, Jahtondo, Balmasse, Sengbeh and Ricks this week. The team met with Camp Managers and IDP Leaders. Over all the IDPs were enthusiastic that the team had come to sensitize them about the resettlement package, which provided them the opportunity to seek answers to their many questions and concerns. The team will continue their visit to other camps next week.


In the following UNHCR Transit Centers distribution of Food and Non-Food-Items will be provided to the IDPs that already returned (spontaneously) to their county of origin. This category of IDPs will have to display their WFP ration card in order to receive the assistance.

Additionally, the IDPs that already have received food and Non-Food-Items in the camps can receive their second-food ration at the same transit centers. This category of IDPs will have to display their Resettlement WFP card in order to receive the assistance.

- Monrovia RIA -- Montserrado County

- Saclepea -- Nimba county

- Gbarnga -- TV Tower -- Bong County

- Tubmanburg (D2 Center) -- Bomi County

- Zwederu -- Grand Gedeh

- Harper -- Maryland.

Please note: That UNHCR also have additional transit sites than listed above, however no distribution of food and Non-Food-Items are done from these sites, yet.

Office of the Humanitarian and Relief Coordinator
March 26th 2005


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