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ACT Alliance: Rapid Response Fund Payment Request No. 07/2014 - Ebola response in Liberia and Sierra Leone

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Details of Response

Emergency: Ebola response in Liberia and Sierra Leone

Date of Emergency: April-May 2014

ACT Requesting Member(s): ACT Forum Liberia and ACT Forum Sierra Leone



The deadly Ebola virus was confirmed in the Guinean capital after a series of tests were conducted on suspected cases, by Government medical authorities in January, 2014. This has since spread into neighbouring Liberia and suspected cases being reported in Sierra Leone. Ebola virus disease (EVD) is considered one of the most aggressive viruses known to date in part because of its rapidity to kill, which can be within one week from exposure or three to four days from the first symptoms become apparent.

This leaves very little time for any treatment to act and save a sick individual.

In an Ebola status update posted on its website, the World Health Organization (WHO) said as of May 12, the Guinean Ministry of Health has reported a total of 233 clinical cases of the Ebola virus disease, including 157 deaths.

In Sierra Leone, 14 suspected cases were reported form the Northern region along the border between Sierra Leone and Liberia. However these were later found not to be positive after the health authorities with the support of WHO conducted tested on the suspected cases.

In Liberia, the Ebola virus has now claimed 11 lives in the country. Upon review and consolidation of data, the cumulative number of cases is 12 (6 confirmed, 2 probable and 4 suspected). The present total number of suspected and confirmed EVD cases in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone recorded has risen to 245. However, most of the new suspected cases came from Guinea and Liberia.