WFP Lesotho Country Brief, July 2018

Situation Report
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In Numbers

US$3.2 m six months (August 2018 - January 2019) net funding requirements, representing 47% of total

276,250 people targeted in 2018

Operational Updates

• At the beginning of July, WFP Lesotho shared experiences from the Cost of Hunger in Africa (COHA) study with six countries (Burundi, Cote D’Ivoire, Gambia, Kenya, Namibia and Sudan) who are about to start the exercise. The four-day lessons learned session aimed at sharing experiences on the overall study process as well as observed impacts of the study in the fight against malnutrition.

• The first round of consultations on WFP’s Country Strategic Plan (CSP) formulation took place between 9 and 20 July. The exercise involves a series of consultations with a broad spectrum of stakeholders representing the Government, UN agencies, Non-Governmental Organisations and the private sector. The purpose of the consultations is to solicit input on the strategic focus areas of WFP’s intended support to the Government of Lesotho.
The input will guide the development of WFP’s strategic outcomes to ensure their coherence and alignment with Lesotho’s priorities and plans for ending hunger by 2030.

• WFP plans to conduct a Fill the Nutrient Gap (FNG) study this year with the objective to inform the fiveyear Country Strategic Plan that is under development. The FNG is a tool that provides an indepth analysis of secondary nutrition data and the availability, physical and economic access, as well as demand and practices for the consumption of nutritious foods. During the month of July, WFP developed terms of reference for the FNG study which were shared with various key stakeholders such as USAID, the World Bank, the European Union, IRISH AID and the African Development Bank to solicit financial support for the exercise.