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Southern Africa Regional Food Security Update, June 2010



=B7 Results of the of the crop forecasting by the Bureau of Statistics show higher maize production (98,035 MT) compared to last year's production of 57,127 MT.

=B7 The LVAC has undertaken its annual post-harvest livelihoods assessment from 25 May - 2 June and data analysis is ongoing.

=B7 Households assisted with planting inputs through the EU Food Facility generally planted larger areas than those not assisted.


=B7 Producer price of rice is currently very volatile in main rice granary of Madagascar.

=B7 Following the passage of The MTS Joel, the southern areas received abundant rainfall over the last two weeks.


=B7 The general food security situation in the country is normal following the 2009/10 harvest, apart from some households in four districts in the southern region

that harvested little or nothing due to loss of crop from the long dry spells. These households need food assistance from now.

=B7 The prevailing average maize price of MK30.87 ($0.20) per kg is below the Government's set maximum selling price of MK52.00 ($0.34) per kg.


=B7 The Crop and Food Supply Assessment joint mission MINAG-FAO/ WFP (CFSAM 2010) requested by Minister of Agriculture, following concern over poor crop forecast in February and March, as a result of prolonged dry spells in the south and parts of the centre. The fieldwork of the CFSAM 2010 is already concluded, the report will be available at the end of this month.

=B7 SETSAN/GAV is preparing the quantitative vulnerability assessment to food security and nutrition, to be conducted in June/ July 2010


=B7 Namibia Early Warning and Food Information Unit predict that the country's 2009/2010 harvest is expected to be normal to slightly above normal.

=B7 Access to food remains a concern in the north/north-eastern parts of the country which were affected by floods.

=B7 Being part of the Southern African trade and customs union and with its currency linked to the rand, Namibia's markets are closely linked to those of South Africa.

South Africa

=B7 Projections for the current 2009/10 maize marketing season indicate that South Africa will have a surplus of 2,074 million tons of maize at the end of April 2010.

=B7 The projected bumper maize harvest in South Africa has already begun to depress maize prices in South Africa to levels last seen in the 2005/06 marketing year.


=B7 Harvesting of maize and cotton is ongoing but estimates are that the 2009/2010 season maize harvest has increased by 6% compared to 2008/2009.

=B7 The VAC annual assessment data collection has been completed and data analysis started on 14th May and is currently ongoing.

=B7 Farmers have started harvesting and selling cotton to the only ginnery in the Lowveld


=B7 The country has recorded another surplus maize harvest.

=B7 The Zambia Vulnerability Assessment Committee has just concluded the flood impact assessment data collection in areas affected by flood in 2009/10 rainy season

=B7 First level cleaning for household level data for the CVAA is currently in progress


=B7 Prices of maize grain have been declining in most areas in line with the harvest period. The GMB has revised back the maize producer price to the original US$265 from the US$325 that had been announced in April 2010.

=B7 The Government has requested for a short CFSAM


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