Lesotho: Vulnerability Assessment Committee Results 2018

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Even in good harvests the country does not produce enough food to meet national requirements. This year the rainfall season was delayed. Unseasonal snowfall, extreme cold temperatures and frost experienced in November 2017 damaged early planted crops. Other parts of the country received localised hailstorms and flash floods in March 2018, which also damaged crops. From May to August 2018, 154,000 people in rural areas will be in IPC Phase 3 and 7,200 in IPC Phase 4.
This is expected to increase from September 2018 to February 2019 to an estimated 216,000 people in IPC Phase 3 and 41,200 in IPC Phase 4, representing about 18% of rural population and will be requiring humanitarian assistance. Stunting stands at 35.6%.

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