Lesotho Vulnerability Assessment and Analysis Report; Update of Rural Assessment - November, 2016



The Lesotho Vulnerability Assessment Committee (LVAC) was established in 2002. It is a government led multi-disciplinary committee within the Office of the Prime Minister- Disaster Management Authority (DMA). Its membership consists of Government Ministries and Departments, United Nations Organizations, Non-Governmental Organizations and the Private Sector. It is mandated to carry out livelihood vulnerability analysis and its aim is to provide timely analysis for emergency interventions as well as medium to long-term programming. The process of vulnerability assessment and analysis is currently centralized.

LVAC has been conducting annual vulnerability assessments (VA) of food security and livelihoods situation for rural population since 2003 to date. In Lesotho, like in most countries the VA methodology is based on the Household Economy Approach (HEA) that takes a holistic approach to food security based on livelihood systems including all strategies that households apply to make their living and the external context that may support and/or restrain them. LVAC carried out data collection from few key parameters in November 2016 to update the information that was provided in May this year.